Sucky 2 with Speed-Remote control - 0-200 vacuum pulses / min

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Sucky 2 with Speed-Remote control - 0-200 vacuum pulses / min

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Sucky 2 with Speed-Remote control - adjustable with remote control. Sucky 2 with radio or Cable remote control ( also 12 V. car / truck operation ) 0-200 vacuum pulses/min.


Sucky 2 od with radio . Cable remote control 0-200 vacuum pulses / min . ( Speedremotecontrol radio od . Cable , from Suckfun is set )
Penis Intervalsucking / Penis Massage / penis exercise with the electric pulse Saugmassagegerät " Sucky 2 " . ( also 12 V. car / truck operation )
Let relax Exercise in the car with the 12 volt cigarette lighter power cable ( addition to order : 29 , - Euro)
Even with 24-volt converter ( price on request) You will be amazed by these devices! Really effective, novel devices for men! Entirely new mode of action. Order your Suckygerät and see for yourself. We are convinced that you will love and appreciate your pulse Saugmassagegerät. Simply because it is effective, soothing and relaxing, and thus valuable to you.
Sucky -2- reaches 0- 200 vacuum suction pulses per minute. Continuously adjustable via the remote control. (Sucky -1- reached to 60 suction pulses)
Functioning: A pumping by vacuum interval, so suck-solve, or suck / blow etc. alternately. Very pleasant and relaxing. The device works with the Silikonsaugglocke also independently in the penis and your hands are free.
Helps the erection to train. Beneficial for the prostate. Relaxes and promotes blood flow to the male sex organ.
Trains the stability of the penis and has a beneficial effect in tension and stress.
Maintains the functionality of the male reproductive organ in case of illness, travel or unwanted without Partner.

The penis exercise with the electric pulse Saugmassagegerät "Sucky 2" has a regulating effect on the hormonal balance of (testosterone formation). With regular stimulation of the penis may be linked to size and thickness (especially the glans) and take vigorous and persevering will. Masturbation is healthy (medically proven). To prevent over low gonadal function, inter alia, by lack of activity due to age u (at any age) or relaxation of gonadal function from 40. characterized accompanying test Easter deficiency with erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, sexual weakness, muscle breakdown u. listlessness. Silikonsaugglocke: replica and feel like a real vagina. Creates Super noises. Not too tight, adapting to the penis, closed
washable. With suction hose connection to Sucky equipment and collecting filter. Standard sizes S Small (33-39mm), M means (40-45mm), L Gross (from 45mm). Please specify. (Subject penis diameter, not penis length) Special sizes on request! Set:. Comprising el Impulssaugmassagegerät and remote control, connection hose and filter plug + PSU od 220 volts for home or hotel and special suction cup for the Lord the lady.. Who stands to suck and suck will be delighted by Sucky. Caution: addictive! (Various suction cups or special sizes on request) Note: The units are depending on the setting and the changing workplace noise (approx.48 - 60 decibels)! Possibly in sensitive individuals. Bothersome. Please take into account before buying. WEEE .: DE 39338838 / CE / EMC Conformity
See device working: sucky 2 - youtube video link. with electricImpulse-Suckingmassage Device.
"Sucky 2" with Speed-Remote control comes to 200 Sucking- Impulses per minute.
You can make the best Training for you Penis.


So messen und lesen Sie den Durchmesser des Penis ab.
Mit Lineal oder Meterstab oder den Umfang mit Band oder Schnur. Ermitteln Sie so Ihre passende Silikon- Penis Saugglocken Größe! Bereich mit größtem Durchmesser angeben, Eichel oder Schaft. Messen Sie im erigierten Zustand. Bei Anwendungs Wunsch auch bei nicht oder wenig erigiertem Zustand, dann dieses Maß angeben für entsprechend zu bestellende Saugglocke.
Standardgrößen: (Betrifft nur Durchmesser)
-S-  small   33 - 39 mm
-M-  Mittel  40 - 45 mm
-L-   Groß   ab  45 mm
Wenn nichts anderes am Bestelltag mitgeteilt wurde, wird Ihnen Größe -M- mitgeliefert. Sondergrößen Herstellung auf Anfrage. Beachten Sie dann noch die Tabelle: Penis Besonderheit. (Medizinische Hinweise)
Hinweis: Allgemein haben Sie In den Liefer Sets meist eine Standard Saugglocke mit ca. 8- 10 cm Eindringtiefe dabei. Sie können aber eine lange Saugglocke noch extra dazu bestellen. Eindringtiefe ca. 16 cm.  
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